What are the places to see in Saskatchewan?


Prince Albert National Park is an amazing park which is surrounded by spruce bogs, large lakes including the aspen dotted uplands. At the initial stage, the Nation folks have lived here for thousands of years. On the other side of the flip, there is also archeological evidence, particularly in the severe winters. The tribes from the prairies have moved north to the sheltered woodlands, blending with the folks who have lived long back.

Fort Walsh National Historic Site was founded in the year 1875 under the control of James Walsh. Their main target is to put an end to the illegal Whisky trade and also became one of the most important posts on the western side. It is said to be that thousands of Sioux warriors sought refuge in Canada after the clash with the U.S cavalry. Then after the return of the Sioux folks to the USA the fort was dismantled and left that place. In the year 1942, Royal Canadian Mounted Police procured the land and built a ranch subjected to the breed horses. At the period when RCMP transferred to the Ontario, the estate became a national historic site with an integrated reconstruction program.