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A small orange is a web hosting company with a difference. Their main focus is providing the right amount of resources at the right price. This means that they do not sell you more resources than they can actually provide. Customer satisfaction is their main intent that is why they have multiple web hosting plans that suite a wide range of users. Whether you are seeking to host a simple website or would like a big business enterprise, a small orange has got you covered.


A Small Orange Coupons 2016

A small orange webhosting plans

A small orange has six large categories of web hosting plans. These plans are also subdivided into sub-categories in order to cater for a large audience. A small orange webhosting plans are:

  1. The shared hosting plan

The shared hosting plan involves no contract and usually comes with cPanel and an automatic script installation. In this plan, customers can access live chat support and email 24/7 regardless of the level of subscription. Customers also get full FTP and SFTP access, webmail access, WordPress installation, POP3, IMAP, a free domain name and a 90 day money back guarantee. There are five plans that fall under the shared web hosting. These are: tiny, small, medium, large and super shared web hosting plans.

Tiny plan: This is the smallest package offered by a small orange. It costs $35 a year which translates to roughly $2.92 per month. The disk space is 250 MB and the bandwidth is 5 GB. It also comes with 1 add on domain.

Small plan: The small plan is charged at $5 per month with 20 GB bandwidth and 1GB disk space.

Medium plan: For the medium plan, you will have to part with $10 per month. It comes with 100 GB bandwidth and 5 GB disk space.

Large plan: The large plan is available for $20 monthly. The disk space is 15 GB and the bandwidth is 300 GB.

Super plan: This is the most expensive plan under shared web hosting. It goes for $30 a month. The bandwidth is 500 GB and the disk space is 25 GB.

The small plan medium, large and super plans all offer unlimited add on domains.

  1. Semi-dedicated hosting plan

This plan allows customers to access certain specified servers. The customers are given full root access. It includes firewall installation, daily backups, DOS attack prevention software and much more. Semi-dedicated hosting is actually cheaper than a managed dedicated server but it offers high quality service and improved performance.

  1. Business Hosting plans

These are hosting plans which are designed specifically for e-commerce. The plans under this category usually come with a free SSL certificate. Database management tools are also included which makes initial start-up simple. There are three plans that fall under business hosting: the start-up plan, the small business plan and the enterprise plan.

Start-up plan: This plan is meant for businesses that are just starting out and have not yet gained ground in their respective fields. It costs $20 per month and includes 100 GB bandwidth and 10 GB disk space.

Small business plan: If your business is fairly large this is the right plan for you. It costs $40 per month. The package includes 20 GB disk space and 200 GB bandwidth.

Enterprise plan: This plan is best suited for large established business. The price per month is $60. It comes with 30 GB disk space and 300 GB bandwidth.

  1. Managed dedicated server plan

This is the most advance hosting package offered by a small orange. It includes the setup of your server, ongoing security and the overall maintenance of your server. Server performance is monitored 24/7 and you are immediately informed if anything affects your server.

  1. Cloud VPS hosting plan

This hosting plan has been set up to accommodate websites whose needs are constantly evolving. Here, customers can adjust their hosting needs to fit in with their specific needs.

  1. Reseller web hosting plan

This web hosting plan is tailor made for individuals who would like to start their own web hosting business. There are three web hosting plans under this category: small, medium and large.

Small reseller web hosting plan is available at $15 per month. It comes with 3 GB disk space, 30 GB bandwidth and 30 hosted sites.

Medium reseller web hosting plan is offered at $25 per month. With it comes 50 GB bandwidth, 5 GB disk space and one can host up to 50 sites.

Large reseller web hosting plan is available at $35 per month. The package includes 100 GB bandwidth, 10 GB disk space and you can host 100 sites.

Out of the many web hosting plans offered by a small orange, there is definitely one that will suite your web hosting needs perfectly.



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