Hostgator Coupons January 2016

Hostgator Coupons January 2016 – the latest January coupons for Hostgator provided by Virtualsask. Save big with these discount coupons.

Hostgator is a renowned web hosting company preferred by most web marketers. The company offers some of the best packages in the market at discounted rates. It has developed into an industry leader at an impressive rate. For instance, it was launched in 2002 with just three servers and since then it has grown to more than 7000 servers with over 2.5 million hosted websites.

Below are a listing of the top 2016 hostgator coupons…


FREEDOM2016 – Gets you a Free month of webhosting. Use this January / February 2016 coupon and take advantage of this exclusive offer.
VIRTUAL25OFF – 25% discount on your selected hostgator plan. Great for saving big on more expensive plans.
VIRTUAL994OFF – 9.94 off any plan.


Hostgator Coupons January


The Hosting Plans

Hostgator offers a range of packages and hosting plans that cater for different businesses and web hosting requirements. They operate in VPN, shared as well as dedicated hosting spaces hence customers can easily start small and later upgrade to bigger plans as the hosting requirements increase. Their three shared web hosting plans include;

1. Hatching Plan: Under this plan you can only host one website, nevertheless, it comes with an unlimited disc-space and bandwidth provision.

2. Baby Plan: The plan allows you to host unlimited domains under one hosting account.

3. The Business Plan: The plan offers more features compared to the baby plan. They include a private SSL, a free dedicated I.P address and a toll-free business number.

The best thing about these plans is that you will not be charged anything if you want to upgrade from one plan to the other.

Hostgator Pricing and Discounts

The following are some of the best Hostgator discount coupons that are available in the market.

I. 20% Off Discount: This is the company’s official promotional price cut.

II. SUPERHGDEAL: This coupon allows you to get maximum available discounts on all of the Hostgator hosting plans.

III. The 0. 01 USD hosting offer: They have a one cent coupon code which entitles you to the hosting plan that is priced at one cent. The offer lasts for the first month although you will have to pay regular prices for subsequent months.

IV. Exclusive Hostgator 25-off coupon: This promotion code can only be picked from a few selected Hostgator partners. It is the best voucher that you can ever get from all Hostgator deals. You can also use the coupon for the dedicated and VPS hosting packages.

V. Hostgator Reseller Coupon: This coupon code will give you a saving of up to 25 percent on any of the reseller hosting packages.

How to Apply the Coupon Codes

Applying the coupon code is a simple process. For instance, once you have selected a domain name, you will see a display of the billing part. This is part of the process for signing up. Paste your coupon code on the field that says, �Enter a Coupon Code’ and you will be done.

How to Use the Hostgator Coupons to Get Maximum Discounts

If you want to save some reasonable amounts of money on your web hosting expenses, using Hostgator discount coupons would be the way to go. Currently, there are special offers that are available with the Hostgator discount coupons. You can buy a plan for as low as 0.01 USD. All you need is to sign up and look for the best offer. On every month, there are numerous Hostgator Coupon codes that are availed online. The company allows customers to pay their charges upfront for up to three years. This enables them to save more. The option is particularly useful if you want to avail your services for more than one year.

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