WPEngine vs Bluehost

WPEngine vs Bluehost webhosting review & comparison – find out which webhosting company is best as of September 2016. Features, Uptime, User Reviews, Pricing and more.

WPEngine and BlueHost are among the most professional and reliable web hosting companies or providers in the website hosting industry. WPEngine is an industry leader when it comes to providing reliable WordPress hosting while BlueHost is a trusted hosting provider of different hosting services. Although both offer managed WordPress hosting services to businesses and professionals across the world, they both differ in various aspects of their respective hosting features, especially when it comes to WordPress hosting solution. This WPEngine vs BlueHost comparison is made based on different features of both these webhosts to help those who want to make an informed decision by comparing and contrasting.

WPEngine vs Bluehost Review

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Pricing and Hosting Plans – WPEngine vs BlueHost

WPEngine offers five types of hosting plans: Personal, Professional, Business, Premium and Enterprise. However, WPEngine offers a slightly higher price range for all its WordPress hosting plans than different generic hosting plans and four types of Optimized Hosting for WordPress called Blogger, Professional, Business and Enterprise offered by BluHost. Prices for WPEngine managed hosting plans of Personal, Professional and Business plans are $29/month, $99/month and $249/month respectively, and you would need to contact the WPEngine support team to get appropriate pricing according to your customization needs for the WPEngine managed hosting plans of Premium and Enterprise.

BlueHost offers $12.49/month, $37.50/month, $60.00/month and $85.00/month respectively for its four different WordPress managed hosting plans called Blogger, Professional, Business and Enterprise.


WPEngine is founded by actual owners of WordPress.com, and has earned credibility for offering the best WordPress hosting solution to large businesses and professionals. Although the company is relatively new, it has received very positive feedback and support from the entire WordPress community and customers around the world. BlueHost has earned reputation and credibility as one of the best hosting companies in the world, especially for providing WordPress hosting solution to millions of customers worldwide.

Hosting Features

Both webhosts differ significantly in various aspects of their respective managed WordPress hosting features. BlueHost plans offer more storage capacity, allow more monthly visits and include more WordPress sites than those features provided by WPEngine WordPress hosting plans on an individual hosting plan basis or taken together all hosting plans. But, WPEngine provides unmatched WordPress hosting experience backed by their innovation driven technology, professional WordPress support and expertise in keeping WordPress fast, scalable and secure.

Security, Uptime and Speed

Both webhosts are among the most reliable web hosting companies in the world. Both WPEngine and BlueHost has three data centers each, located in strategic locations which allow their respective business owners or webmasters to choose the one that delivers the optimal stability, speed and security. Perhaps the most important service a webhost can offer is reliability and this is where uptime percentage of their servers comes in. The term “uptime” means the amount of time a webhost keeps their servers in service or online. WPEngine has superiority over BlueHost with a very high uptime percentage rate of 99.9%. WPEngine provides faster site speed than BlueHost.

Customer Support

WPEngine and BlueHost are renowened for providing world-class customer support. BlueHost offers 24-hour customer support through email/ticket, phone and live chat. WPEngine offers 24/7 ticket support.

Final Verdict

WPEngine and BlueHost are very reliable hosting companies trusted by millions of customers around the world. WPEngine offers a much better uptime percentage and faster site speed than BlueHost. WPEngine optimizes their servers for the WordPress sites, but BlueHost does not optimize their servers for any CMS. Therefore, it is clear that WPEngine is better than BlueHost when it comes to providing WordPress webhosting solution. The winner is WPEngine as the better managed WordPress managed webhosting provider in terms of uptime percentage, speed, reliability and advanced technology.

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