WPEngine vs Godaddy

WPEngine vs Godaddy webhosting review & comparison – find out which webhosting company is best as of September 2016. Features, Uptime, User Reviews, Pricing and more.

Although WordPress is a powerful CMS that can be run on just about any hosting account, having the right hosting provider can make all the difference when it comes to the speed, ease of management, and overall performance of any WordPress-powered website. It just so happens that WPEngine and GoDaddy are two of the top hosting companies available – naturally, many people are chiming in on the WPEngine vs GoDaddy debate. The service provider that is best suited for your needs depends on your goals; most website owners want their sites to get a lot of traffic, rank high in the search results, and serve as a tool by which they can achieve their business goals. When it comes to hosting WordPress, there can be only one host that is the ultimate best.

WPEngine vs Godaddy

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A Word or Two about GoDaddy

GoDaddy has been around since the late 90’s. From its humble beginnings, this hosting company has grown dramatically in popularity in its role as a domain registrar, but that does not have much to do with the quality of the website hosting services they provide. Nevertheless, someone on the company’s team must know how to do a job right, as GoDaddy has proven skilled at building a strong brand image and gaining media attention in order to get more customers.

The Story of WPEngine

GoDaddy has been around long enough to have witnessed first-hand the phenomena of how WordPress grew to be so popular. Through its growth, it became apparent that this CMS has special needs when it comes to hosting features, and that the right hosting could bring out the best in it. The problem was that there was no hosting provider that specialized in WordPress and its unique needs – that is, until WPEngine came along.

Key Advantages of GoDaddy

Low prices is one element that has contributed to GoDaddy’s long lasting success as a company. Many people who are new to website ownership and want to get started fast and cheap turn to GoDaddy; often being drawn in with a dirt-cheap introductory offer. Moreover, GoDaddy does offer better performance in general than many of the other hosting companies out there.

Key Advantages of WPEngine

WPEngine was created especially for WordPress and is a company dedicated to helping customers get best possible performance out of this amazing CMS. This hosting service provider offers a long list of features that cater specifically to the demands of WordPress users.

And the Winner Is…

WPEngine, of course. While it is true that GoDaddy offers cheaper pricing, GoDaddy does not deliver the WordPress-centric tools and services customers require in order to get the most value from the investment made into WordPress website ownership. Unlike GoDaddy, WPEngine has their servers optimized for WordPress. WPEngine also has their own caching system and provide tight website security for users. This company even takes care of daily website backups so that you don’t have to deal with that. In fact, thanks to the superior speed WPEngine-hosted WordPress sites have, many site owners who make the switch from GoDaddy to WPEngine quickly find that their website gets more traffic and ranks higher in Google. Therefore, when it comes to which is the best in the WPEngine vs GoDaddy debate, WPEngine remains the ultimate best hosting for WordPress websites for business, isn’t it? That’s why they get a 5/5 star rating.

Visit WPEngine Visit Godaddy

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