iPage Coupons 2016

iPage Coupons 2016 – a listing of the latest iPage Coupon Codes for 2016. Save over 50% on your iPage webhosting plan with these webhosting coupons.

Note: To use the below provided 2016 ipage coupon codes, simply click on your selected ipage deal and the discount will automatically be reflected at cart checkout.

  • Coupon #1: Get a Free Domain Name with your iPage Webhosting purchase
  • Coupon #2: 50% OFF all iPage Shared Webhosting Plans – Time Limited Offer
  • Coupon #3: Get $1.99/mo hosting with this iPage discount coupon

iPage Coupon 2016

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About iPage Webhosting

Building a good website is one of the fundamental stages of setting up a business today. As more customers turn online to search for information on products and services, there is need to increase your online presence. Without an online presence, you are loosing customers to your competitors.

Finding a good web host is the first step in setting up a website or in simple terms finding a partner to store your files using its serves. With many web hosting providers, this process can be challenging to any entrepreneur. However, you can’t go wrong with iPage Webhosting Plans. You need a website that is user-friendly both for administrator and customers, is easily navigable and has all the tools required to boost your business and that is what ipage web hosting offers. Here, you get unlimited disc space, unlimited bandwidth, free domains, VPS server or dedicated servers for more powerful websites and free database to get all the tools that your website requires like;

Building and designing your website
For as little as $1.99 a month with our ipage coupon, you can get signed up for ipage hosting and get a free complementary domain name. We understand the importance of a domain name to your business and hence we work with you in ensuring you get a simple, easy to remember yet unique domain that sells your business at a glance. For just 14 dollars, you can get a personalized domain name. In terms of space, ipage offers unlimited space so that you can add any new items. With the free Template site builder, you can select or change the theme, style and color in just a few clicks. Whether you are a professional web developer or a beginner, ipage has everything that you need to quickly get a functional website setup.

iPage Webhosting Plans
Whatever your budget, ipage has an ideal plan for you. The VPS hosting is ideal for you if you expect to have high traffic volumes. At only 24.99 dollars a month using the ipage vps coupon, you can avoid using shared servers and never pay high charges for dedicated web hosting particularly if you have some requirements limiting you from using shared servers.

Unlike other web hosting providers, ipage gives you the option to configure the servers to a 1TB storage, estimated 16GB of RAM, up to 25TB data files transfer every month with windows and linux operating system. For word press hosting, you can either choose a starter plan at 3.75 dollars or the essential plan at 6.74 dollars per month. The two plans are ideal for any website with the only variation being in performance and support level.

A website is one of the marketing strategies that every entrepreneur should adopt. No one understand the importance of digital marketing more that ipage web hosting. Whether you want to adopt SEO, social media marketing, using solo ads or using email subscriptions, we have all the tools required. The blog Wizard setup for instance can enable you to incorporate articles as part of your new content. Some outstanding and useful marketing tools that you will get from iPage Web hosting Plans include:
-Google Ad words
-Yahoo/Bing credit
-YP. com listing offered for free
-Site Analytic useful for determining the effectiveness of your website in marketing
-Free toll number

Depending on the requirements of your business, the services can be customized to meet your needs. Online store is a requirement that almost every business selling products needs. We offer free online store with a shopping cart and pay pal integration to give your customers better online shopping experience.

Customer experience is the number one priority of every website developer. With state-of the art servers, you cab be sure to get the fastest speed in your website. Ipage uses the latest available technology in building a solid and secure infrastructure comprising servers with the ability to access websites in a fast uninterrupted manner. Additional features like custom error page, URL redirecting services , MIME types and front page extensions make the website easily navigable, easily accessible thus increasing user experience.

Security detail is one of the best features of ipage webhosting plan. Increased cases of online fraud is prompting companies to spend millions to increase their website security. However, with ipage web hosting you can be sure to get these features for free. Password security for instance is one of the outstanding features with ipage. Unlike other web hosting companies requiring a simple 8 character password, ipage has a password manager that automates the process of setting passwords to ensure you have a unique password with a combination of multiple characters. To ensure your website is safe, secure and with limited downtime experience, the companies offers these security features:

-Monitoring of malware

-Free spam filtering

-A free McAfee which is tested daily to make it secure

-A free Ecommerce Hackershield
-Admin coverage
-A data center
All these with a 24/7 support team has made ipage web hosting to be rated 5/5 by millions of its customers and hence it is the best option for your business.

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