Bluehost Coupons 2016

Bluehost Coupons 2016 – the latest bluehost coupon and discount codes. Save up to 50% on bluehost webhosting with these bluehost webhosting coupons.

BlueHost happens to be one of the renowned web hosting companies out there. There are numerous rave reviews about BlueHost, its services, and how efficient its customer support team is. However, just like any company out there, it is important to know how much the company can actually stand up to the hype.

Below is a Listing of the Top Bluehost Coupons for 2016:

Bluehost Coupon 2016

BlueHost webhosting plans:

The company has different web hosting plans, with each intended to cater for specific needs. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of which shared hosting plan best suits you. Whether you have a website or blog, BlueHost has three useful shared hosting plans to suit all end users. Moreover, you get the benefit of saving your money with their affordable packages.

Before you settle on any plan, make sure you think about your future plans as well. Having your future plans in mind will save you cost when you need to upgrade to a better package with more features. BlueHost offers the following web hosting plans: Starter, Plus, and Business package.

Starter package

BlueHost offers its end-users a starter package that is budget-friendly. This is the smallest package available at BlueHost. The starter package has numerous features and costs $3.29/m for a 3-year package sign-up. Being the smallest package, it only allows hosting for one website. If you plan to have multiple websites in the future, then you should consider the Plus package.

Under the starter package, one will get 100GB website space and unlimited bandwidth. This is efficient for running a website on a shared hosting platform. BlueHost offers CloudFlare CDN, but for the starter package, one has to directly sign up for it and integrate free CDN. This comes in handy as it dramatically reduces the bandwidth of your hosting account. Other features included in this plan comprise of: 1 included domain, 5 parked domains, 25 sub domains, 100 email accounts, 500MB email storage per account. BlueHost have included a marketing offer of $50. Starter package is effective for someone interesting in hosting only one website with no intentions of having an upgrade. In case you have other interests in mind, then check out the next BlueHost web hosting plan.

Plus package

Plus package is the most common plan on BlueHost. It offers everything under Starter pack with additional features like unlimited domain hosting, free CDN, and $200 worth of marketing coupons. The marketing offers are convenient when you have multiple sites as they are usually in the form of Facebook Ads, and AdWords coupons that go a long way in marketing your website. BlueHost also offers one free domain that will save you the extra cost.

For $5.95/month, you can enjoy the benefits of having a plus package from BlueHost. The package is much more beneficial if you use their hosting plan for at least 2 years, it offers you value for your money. The BlueHost coupon is applicable for the first bill, as no discounts are offered for renewals.

Business pro package

This web hosting plan is designed for end-users hosting their sites on a shared platform, but also interested in additional features. It is a good choice for businesses that require an SSL certificate and dedicated IP. Having an SSL certificate is crucial if you have an e-commerce website. This will encrypt your information and all transactions between your server and site visitors. It also offers domain privacy, preventing identity theft, phishing, and spam attacks. Moreover, it has site lock that defends your site from threats and vulnerabilities. Business pro package has spam protection and site backup. The features of this package will ensure that your site is secure at all times. This package is available at $13.95/month with $200 worth of marketing coupons, 2 spam experts and access to Global CDN.


All web hosting plans offered by BlueHost is intended to cater for your needs. If you are interested in having only one site, then the starter package will be the right choice for you. However, if you need to run a couple of sites, then the plus package will come in handy. The Business pro package is best for businesses that have e-commerce websites, thus need a dedicated IP, SSL certificate, and the extra site protection offered by BlueHost. All the packages offered by BlueHost are affordable and offer you great features with the benefit of having a professional support team to take care of any issues that come about. With BlueHost, you are guaranteed quality web hosting services at a competitive price.

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