Fatcow Coupons 2015

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Fatcow Webhosting

In the modern days, it is paramount for every business to have a website in order to be able to compete with other business globally. A website helps a business be able to gain global audience hence increasing number of customers. Developing and hosting a webpage requires a lot of resources and time. It is a tough job to host a site, but providers such as Fatcow webhosting offer reliable and cheaper services for websites, blogs and commercial or personal domain. It offers its clients with the lowest possible price on duration of twelve to thirty six months plan. With such flexible plans, Fatcow webhosting provide feature packed plans with a lot of options. Here are some features and benefits of this webhosting.

Fatcow Coupons 2015

One of its major benefits is that it provides all the tools that are needed to create a blog or website. They have a user friendly site builder that allows the users develop a unique looking site with a lot of ease. The site builder is extremely useful for starters and can also lead to a lot of time saving. All the data centers of Fatcow are 100 percent propelled by wind energy, so users have nothing to worry about environmental damage that their website would contribute. This is a great advantage for people living in regions where the government would offer tax reduction for use of renewable energy.

It has an inbuilt wordpress management for website and blogs. This management tool enables users to have access to thousands of plug ins and themes. In addition, Fatcow hosting plans and features are extensive, for example, installation wizard, SEO integration, social networking integration and the ability to customize emails. The good thing is that all these features and plans are available at a very low price.

Fatcow is one of the unique web hosting provider to offer vDeck control panel. When this control panel is coupled with software referred as H-sphere, it becomes possible for users to develop professional looking site without necessarily having programming/HTML experience. It is worth noting that making your website secure from malware and hackers can be a hard and tedious job, but Fatcow do it at no cost. Your data is protected with the help of technologies such as helpline support, automated backup, automated system monitoring software and others.

Another major advantage provided by Fatcow webhosting is that you get your first domain for free. It charges after the first domain, but it allows its customers to create an unlimited number of domains. There is also a lot of support for languages such as ruby, python, CGI, PHP,MySQL and so on. By using Fatcow webhosting, you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and storage, making the webhosting experience pleasurable. Its features also extend to e-commerce as they provide PayPal shopping cart integration, credit card acceptance and a safe server for storage of data and carrying out any transaction. If you are a blogger, you get a lot of tools such as Joomla, wordpress, survey tools and others that makes your blogging a great experience.

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